Leadership: The Master Plan had a profound influence on me, life-changing, as trite as it sounds, would not be an overstatement. The program has given me the ability to adapt to change, move forward and lead toward what is coming next.  The program Bob and Andrew have created is enormously valuable and unique.  I’d recommend it highly, and  I’d strongly encourage  participation by more than one member of an organization.  Transformation from within will progress more effectively and powerfully when there are more than one change-agents with a shared context, language and tool set.”

Vice President of Products
Leading Music Technology Company that designs and manufactures of electric guitars, amplifiers and accessories


Leadership the Master Plan is the most impactful leadership development program that I’ve ever done. It provided me with insight, confidence and tools tocreate a new way of “being” and a new future while moving beyond the constraints of my  old way of “being”. The skills acquired from L:TMP have been both personally and professionally rewarding and I would highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to unleash their full leadership potential.

Senior Vice President of Human Resources
International company providing security, archiving, and continuity services to protect business mail.



In Leadership: The Master Plan, I was struck by the impact of how we unconsciously limit ourselves. One of the biggest eye opening moments for me was when I discovered the difference between my Leadership “sentence” and my “leadership statement”.   Modifying thoughts is not easy, but the effort to see situations in a new light can help put aside the negative “self-talk” that prevent us from living in the present moment.  When you realize the impact of reactions versus the power of living in the present moment, the negativity loses its power and you become open and free to responding in ways that create the possibility for more.”

Veteran Corporate Trainer



Leadership: The Master Plan delivered on its  promise of being in the trenches with the material, revealing and exploring our own unique “stuff” that got in the way of success. From our opening sentences through (and I mean through) the “wall of bricks”, to our final leadership statements we were on the hook for what we signed up for. Leadership the Master Plan is what I fondly call “boot camp for leaders”.  No nonsense, practical, deeply moving, hard work. I am in a totally new, and quite different, career that presents challenges that, pre- LTMP, I would have skirted around. My work with clients is more effective and their results more successful. I highly recommend LTMP to anyone who is ready to let go of the past on behalf of making a real difference in the world."


Associate Conference Minister for Lay & Clergy Leadership Development
Massachusetts Conference United Church of Christ