The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.
— Charles Dubois


We begin with two bold assertions:

•  The skills and experience that have brought you to your current position as a successful leader are now limiting your ability to accomplish what's for your organization’s future.

•  Most initiatives and transformational efforts attempted within organizations fail because the leaders attempt to transform the organization, rather than the leaders.  

Holding a leadership position does not make you a leader.  Authority simply provides the opportunity. It is not enough to merely know the qualities of a leader, or recall steps, tips or techniques that you have learned on how to be a leader.  Role-playing is not being. 

This leadership program is designed to provide you the essential tools and skills you need to achieve breakthrough results in your professional and personal life.   We will help you discover new ways to see and approach your organization.  And, we will help you move beyond your self-imposed constraints limit your ability to cause unprecedented results.

Most of the research on leadership has emphasized the same two items – the peripheral aspects and the content of leadership – and almost none has been aimed at understanding the essential nature of what leadership is.
— Joseph C. Rost


In Leadership: The Master Plan you will see a clear distinction between the content of leadership, the peripheral aspects of leadership and having direct access to being an effective leader.

The content of leadership is the knowledge required to lead effectively in a particular arena. For example, your professional knowledge might include technical information, critical data, relevant theories, practices specific to your profession, future trends and the current financial climate of your industry.  While this specialized knowledge is required for being an effective leader in a given field, you will see in the program that using this knowledge in the wrong way can be limiting and actually interfere with the effective exercise of leadership.

The peripheral aspects of leadership are its tangible characteristics, the visible elements that an observer might see as attributes of leaders, such as individual styles, traits, personalities or how these individual leaders respond in particular situations. While studying and emulating the behaviors of leaders might allow us to feel as though we are progressing toward becoming leaders ourselves with respect to knowledge and appearance, this process never actually provides access to the being of a leader. 

In fact, the appropriate peripheral aspects applied in a particular situation with a particular leader might be completely irrelevant or even counterproductive when applied with a different leader in a different situation. You will discover in this program that peripheral aspects at their most optimal levels are actually a result of the being of an effective leader, rather than a product of information or training, and have little or no relevance to any particular leadership situation. 

To view leadership first from its peripheral aspects would be to start the process of mastering leadership in reverse order.  Studying the peripheral aspects would teach us little that could actually be applied to any particular leadership situation or opportunity.

We assert that this very approach is what is often leads to unsatisfactory results in most leadership training programs.



Transformative learning occurs in a different dimension than informative learning. Informative learning allows us to increase the sum of what we know, to enhance our available skills and to extend our established cognitive capacities.

Transformative learning, on the other hand, allows us to examine the context of how we know. Transformative learning facilitates awareness of our interpretations and beliefs, and, through that awareness, we are able to accurately analyze our underlying assumptions. Transformative learning helps us uncover our prevailing worldview and frames of reference, (which are almost always invisible to ourselves), and thereby enables us to reconstruct them with newly found clarity and power.

Leadership: The Master Plan is designed to open your thinking and provide you with an entirely new skill set for being an effective leader.  You will think as a leader, plan as a leader, problem-solve as a leader and take action as a leader as you progress through this program. 

Both informative and transformative learning have value.  However, this program, unlike traditional leadership training programs, challenges you to explore the ways in which you identify yourself, the world, and the relationship between the two.

There are no tips, no how-to’s, and no formulas.  In fact, learning the program material is not the objective.  You will not be “in the stands” observing, but rather on the “playing field” doing.  The objective is not to learn program material, but rather to help you discover what leadership is and how to be an effective leader. 

Like a well-trained athlete whose body has been transformed for high performance on a physical level, the skill set and the mindset that you will acquire in this program will develop you mentally for high- performance leadership.